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dale haig hinrichsen

Legal Journey


Dale completed his LLB Degree at the Rand Afrikaans University in 2002.


He practiced as an advocate and was a member of the Pretoria Society of Advocates from 2003. During his tenor as advocate, Dale specialised in banking litigation where he regularly appeared on behalf of all of the major banking institutions in South Africa.


In furtherance of his knowledge of the law he obtained his HDip Cyber law in 2003 and further obtained his HDip Tax Law in 2006.


Dale was admitted as an attorney in February 2012 and established Hinrichsen Attorneys due to the high demand he saw for an effective attorney’s practice that specialises in commercial litigation.


Dale has also been appointed as a commissioner in the Small Claims Court and has been acting as a Commissioner for almost ten years, which enables him to give back to the community by aiding in the administration of justice.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Dale is the Managing Director and Founder of Hinrichsen Attorneys. Dale consistently applies his leadership skills in order to motivate and encourage the rest of the firm. Furthermore, he oversees and manages the firm and acts as both an attorney and business manager, ensuring that the Hinrichsen Attorney’s legal experience remains an incredibly efficient and comfortable experience for its clients.


Advocacy also enabled Dale to become highly experienced in corporate litigation, commercial conflict resolution and commercial law. Dale possesses vast knowledge of court practice and is revered for his experience in and out of the court room, to the extent that Dale is often personally acknowledged by Magistrate’s and Judges whom are aware of his expertise.


Dale’s multiangular expertise enables him to assess and draft commercial contracts with unrivaled efficiency. With a vision to specialise even further in corporate governance and restructuring, utilising his knowledge as an attorney as well as his experience from running a firm.


Future projects


Dale intends on focusing his attention on corporate restructuring and insolvency law and is in the process of streamlining his firm to create even more specialized services. Dale intends on focusing his talents on engaging with corporate clients, whom require the highest level of efficiency and experience.


While Dale firmly believes in furthering his own experience, he also maintains a clear and steadfast growth strategy for his practice. Dale fully intends to maintain the exponential growth that Hinrichsen Attorneys has attained since its inception.


Personal message / quote


“The time is always right to do what is right.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


I apply the principles embodied in this quote in my personal life and career. I try my utmost to create value in the lives of the people that I encounter and to uplift those in need, there is much fulfillment in being able to support and encourage others to reach their full potential. In imparting the wisdom I have gained through my experience on others, I am also able to learn from their wisdom and perception. It is important to be educated as well as to educate others wherever you are able. This philosophy is significant to myself and my hope is that it expresses itself in my daily life.




chinette de beer

Legal Journey


Chinette completed her LLB at UNISA in 2012.


While completing her studies, Chinette worked at Klinkenberg Inc. Attorneys and also taught high school science, maths, and design. Upon graduating, Chinette commenced with her articles at Geldenhuys van Ryneveld Inc. in 2013. She was thereafter admitted as an attorney in July of 2015 and remained at Geldenhuys van Ryneveld as an associate. Shortly thereafter, during September of the same year she was appointed as a director and continued to act as such until September 2017 whereafter she joined the Hinrichsen Attorneys team as a director.


Since becoming an attorney, Chinette has acquired extensive knowledge in labour law, general litigation, contractual law, and family law. Chinette possesses a profound passion for not only the law in general, but specifically for labour law and litigation, and as such she has already established a reputation for excellent service delivery and highly successful results.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Chinette possesses a natural talent and joy in practice management and leadership roles, over and above her duties as an attorney, and is thus highly valued as a director at Hinrichsen Attorneys.


While still a candidate attorney, Chinette’s potential as a masterful litigator was clearly evident to colleagues and adversaries alike. While promptly identified as a skillful attorney, Chinette was invited to join the Hinrichsen Team due to her expertise and natural alignment with Hinrichsen Attorney’s ethos and firm goals.


Chinette acts as the director in charge of Hinrichsen Attorney’s employment law department as well as assisting with the management of the litigation department.


Future Projects


Chinette continues to expand her already extensive knowledge of labour law and intends to obtain an LLM focusing on labour law in the coming years. In her position as a director of Hinrichsen Attorneys, Chinette is also interested in developing her ability to efficiently manage a firm as Hinrichsen continues to rapidly expand.


While maintaining constant growth in respect of her own expertise, Chinette also acts as a major contributor to the growth of Hinrichsen Attorneys as a whole and encourages the development of her colleagues by way of example.


Personal Message / Quote


“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” – Muhammad Ali.


I believe this quote extends to everyone who may find themselves in a difficult and perhaps seemingly impossible situation. There is a solution to every problem and a silver lining to every difficult set of circumstances. With determination, perseverance, and the application of some skill, one can accomplish the extraordinary.


roxanne poisson

Legal Journey


Roxanne completed her LLB Degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2010. She completed a year of articles from February 2011 to February 2012. After dedicating three years to growing and nurturing her family she continued in the pursuance of her passion for the law and completed her final year of articles, which she achieved in January 2016.


Roxanne was admitted as attorney in May 2016.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Roxanne is an Associate and integral part of Hinrichsen Attorneys. Roxanne was identified as an exceptional attorney and was subsequently headhunted by Hinrichsen Attorneys due to her incredible natural ability to practice as an attorney.


Roxanne possess extensive knowledge of both commercial law and conveyancing, overseeing commercial transactions and property transfers.


Additionally, Roxanne acts as a driving force in the firm, applying herself to the training of candidate attorneys while still working with a vast number of clients on a daily basis. Roxanne has a tremendous ability to analyze and implement the law as well as a natural ability to teach candidate attorneys.


Future projects


Roxanne has found an interest in the fast-developing field of social media law. She is subsequently developing her knowledge and understanding of social media law and has chosen to specialise in this field, which has quickly established itself as an extremely important aspect of many peoples’ lives.


Personal message / quote


“We are what we believe we are.” – C S Lewis


I feel there is power in consciously being aware of all we have to be grateful for and for the amount of potential we have as individuals. The true gift is in using our blessings and potential to achieve our goals and become what we aspire to be and more. Personally I have held onto this life philosophy in times of struggle and have had to believe my way through the difficult moments. My hope for you, if you are reading this, is that it may inspire you to believe in and release the greatness within yourself.


Legal Journey


Elke completed her LLB Degree at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in 2014, she studied part-time working during the day and attending lectures in the evenings. During her final two years she worked full-time at UWC’s Legal Aid Clinic where she gained invaluable experience which prompted her to specialise in family law. Elke is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, she is also an accredited Mediator registered with the Family Mediators Association of the Cape (FAMAC).


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Elke is a Candidate Attorney at Hinrichsen Attorneys, specialising in family and matrimonial law (which includes divorces, custody and maintenance matters), she also has an interest in the administration of deceased estates and drafting of wills. As a FAMAC accredited Mediator she is equipped to assist families in conflict in finding ways of resolving issues pre- and post-divorce, division of assets, parental rights and responsibilities, visitation and parental plans within the range of that which a court would be likely to approve thereby avoiding lengthy and expensive litigation.


Future projects


Elke will assist in the national expansion of Hinrichsen Attorneys by opening a branch in Cape Town. She will continue to practice as a Mediator and plans to take it one step further by training as a Facilitator in an attempt to reduce post-divorce/separation litigation. Facilitation offers parents a forum to discuss disputes regarding their children or maintenance after they have been divorced or separated.


Personal message / quote


“It always seems impossible…until it’s done” – Nelson Mandela


There is no message more pertinent to my life and circumstance than the one above, it encompasses my life philosophy…if you really want something go out grab it with both hands and make it possible!

Kelsey Jayes

Legal Journey


Kelsey began her legal career at the University of Pretoria where she obtained her LLB degree cum laude in 2015. Her studies presented her with great achievements, such as being placed on the Dean’s List for all 4 years of her degree and having been invited to join the Golden Key International Honour Society. She then completed her articles at the end of 2017 at a boutique law firm in Randburg, where she gained a wide variety of experience in numerous fields of the law.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Kelsey decided to join the team at Hinrichsen Attorneys as an Associate (Attorney and Notary) because she was blown away by the firm’s values and goals and she felt extremely welcomed by everyone there. She was particularly intrigued by its commitment to growth, as well as its contemporary approach to the law. “There is an atmosphere here that I can’t quite explain - it is different to what I have experienced anywhere else. There is a sense of vibrancy and professionalism at Hinrichsen Attorneys and I am extremely excited to be here”.


She is currently working in the Corporate and Commercial Law Department, specifically dealing with commercial litigation and dispute resolution, and has further interests in Trusts and Estates, as well as Intellectual Property Law.


Future Projects


Although Kelsey enjoys commercial litigation, she hopes to contribute to the development of Intellectual Property Law at the firm, as she believes that there is definitely a market for it, due to its specialised nature. She also intends to become more involved in Trusts and Estates, as well as Conveyancing. “I am always eager to expand my knowledge and experience in the many fields that the legal profession has to offer”.


Personal Message / Quote


“The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle” – Anonymous

I have endeavoured to live my life according to the values instilled in this quote, from as early as High School years. I believe that preparation is key, no matter what you’re doing. The harder you work, the more successful you can become at the end of the day. I feel that this is particularly true in relation to the legal profession as a whole.



Legal Journey


Daniella’s tertiary education started by enrolling in a BCom Business Management at the University of Pretoria. Upon completion of her second year she had no clear direction for her career endeavors. Fortunately, a new found passion was discovered during second year when completing the compulsory module of Business Law. As a result of lack of clear ambitions in utilising the BCom Business Management and thoroughly enjoying Business Law, Daniella switched degrees. She enrolled for BCom Law and an LLB and looks back with no regrets. She has attained multiple distinctions across her LLB degree.


In 2015 Daniella completed a trial Advocacy course offered by the Pretoria Bar in which she was educated on various litigation techniques and reaffirmed her decision to study law.


In search of articles, Daniella came across Hinrichsen Attorneys. She was immediately recognised as a potential candidate attorney and was offered a position to complete her articles at the firm in her first interview in January 2016. Daniella completed a week of vacation work at Hinrichsen Attorneys during March 2016, where she was guided through the structure of the courts of Johannesburg and dealings of the firm. In order to gain experience whilst completing her final modules, she joined the team before her articles were scheduled to commence and was thus employed as a Candidate Attorney by Hinrichsen Attorneys in July 2016.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Daniella has been recognised as diligent, confident and intelligent all of which are qualities that are sought after at Hinrichsen Attorneys. She is passionate and is dedicated to the growth and future of the firm. She maintains good relations with the firm’s current clients while keeping a look out for potential clients.

As a result of completing a BCom and an LLB, Daniella has a comprehensive understanding of business, law and tax. Daniella has a strong ability to organize and lead, which is evident from her positions held on the University of Pretoria’s BCom committees, especially as vice chairperson of the governing committee of the BCom faculty.


Future projects


Daniella’s BCom majors were Taxation and Business Management but her interests are rooted in commercial law and litigation. She has not set a specific career path but her days as a candidate are still early and we have no doubt that she will find her niche passion in the commercial law sphere. In the interim, she enjoys being exposed to conveyancing, divorces and any other type of matter that she can get her hands on.


Personal message / quote


“There is no substitute for hard work” – Thomas Edison


My parents are my living testaments to the value of hard work. Without their remarkable efforts, I would not be where I am today. Hard work, even in the most humble careers and dismal situations, reaps rewards. Let your goals, for relationships or your careers, be your motivation to work to your highest potential. Determination and passion are the driving forces of pushing through all-nighters, complex cases and life’s obstacles. I believe that we all have the ability to go anywhere we want to go and be anything we want to be, but you have to work for it. I believe that hard work will always pay off and that life holds no shortcuts. Furthermore, once you learn how to put in maximum effort and experience the results, working hard will be addictive.


Legal Journey


Alexander studied Bcom Law (Majoring in Taxation and Financial Accounting) at the University of Pretoria, completing his degree in 2014. He completed his LLB at the same University in 2016. Alexander then went on to begin his legal career as a candidate attorney at Hinrichsen Attorneys in January 2017.


Role at Hinrichsen Attorneys


Alexander is a candidate attorney and the newest member of Hinrichsen Attorneys. He was chosen to be a part of the Hinrichsen team due to his ambitious personality and his constant pursuit for growth.


Alexander graduated with exceptionally high results in procedural subjects and possesses a debating background from his time at University and subsequently intends on focusing on litigation. Alexander’s focus extends to commercial law and general negotiations.


Alexander’s ability to critically analyse cases enables the firm to maintain a strong out-of-the-box approach to matters which require research and clever planning. Alexander is a passionate learner and enjoys dealing with challenging matters.


Future Projects


Due to his argumentative background, Alexander is set on specialising in litigation. However, he is also eager to utilise his Bcom Law knowledge by applying himself to tax law, a growing area of expertise for the firm. From his personal life he is also interested in the electronic side of law, showing interest in cyber law and the legal future of the internet.


Personal Message / Quote


“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt” – Abraham Lincoln


I feel the above quote is arguably the best piece of advice one can keep in mind in terms of litigation. I firmly believe that everyone has the potential for greatness and find great pleasure in watching people grow and embrace such potential. I have passion for debating and enjoy engaging with likeminded people.

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